Pauline Trigere 5 Piece Ensemble

It is just amazing that this 5 piece ensemble created, in 1975 by Pauline Trigere, remains together after all this time. A cheerful blue and white silk chiffon is combined with a blue wool for all of the pieces.

The coat is 7/8 length and made from blue wool with a single button closure at the neck. The lining matches the long sleeved shirt waist style dress. The dress is trimmed with blue wool to match the coat. The scarf is made from both fabrics. The skirt and blouse match the coat as well. The chiffon blouse is trimmed with blue wool, and the skirt is blue wool like the coat. All five pieces are in excellent condition.


Shoulders 15 1/2"
Bust 40"
Waist 38"
Sleeve 23"
Length 39"

Shoulders 15"
Bust 38"
Waist 27"
Hips Full
Sleeve 23"
Length 41 1/2"

Length 86"
Width 12"

Shoulders 15"
Bust 38"
Sleeve 23"
Length 23"

Waist 28"
Hips 40"
Length 23"

Item: S32-8075

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