Norman Norell Runway Dress

This is a stunning runway dress from Norman Norell, the master of elegant American style.  The runway model number is stitched to the pleated silk chiffon dress and the matching silk slip.

Midnight blue silk chiffon is sewn in wide stitched down pleats from the shoulders to the hip.  The long sleeves are sheer chiffon with a series of fabric covered buttons and loops.  This detail is identical to the buttons and loops at the center front of the dress.  The sheer skirt falls in loose pleats to mid-calf.  There is a matching silk half slip with a fitted waistband and a side zipper.

Like all Norell pieces the style, quality and construction are impeccable, and I am happy to say that the condition of this dress is also impeccable.


Dress                                               Slip
Shoulders 15"                                   Waist 27"
Bust 36"                                           Hip 36"
Waist 34"                                         Length 33"
Hips 38"
Sleeve 23"
Length 48 1/2"

Item: SCD14-055


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